Management and Leadership Training Program

Our Leadership Training Classes have been taught for over four decades, and were originally developed by AWWA as required training for anyone promoted to manager or supervisor.  But, until we decided to take this program “on the road” in 2010, anyone wanting to attend had to board a plane, fly to Salt Lake City, UT, stay in a hotel, etc.  Due to this, we initiated our "traveling" institute program in an effort to bring these classes to every region of the country and eliminate as many travel expenses as possible, leaving only the tuition fee which has not been raised since 1998.  From 2010 to 2015, we began contacting attendees who had flown to Salt Lake from all over the country and asked to bring the leadership training to their utility.  Many utilities have largely unused training rooms, so we found the transition easy to make.  From there we began inviting nearby utilities to help fill the extra seats that were not claimed by the “host” utility.  By 2015 we had held classes in over 20 states.  But, since 2015, we have only taught in 12 of those states due to their high demand for our classes.


In March of 2020, Covid-19 and the “6 foot rule” put a quick stop to our in-person classes.  Like most other training organizations, we started holding classes using Zoom.  As the restrictions on group gatherings began to ease, we began receiving calls from people excited to return to “live” training, but we also received many unexpected calls from organizations wondering if we would keep training on Zoom!  These were organizations who rarely sent people to our classes because they live hours away from our traditional training locations.  Zoom gave them the opportunity to “mix and mingle” with peers without having to spend the extra money on travel, gas, hotel, per-diem, etc.  I could never “thank” the Covid-19 pandemic, but because of it, we can now offer more training options to every organization who utilizes our services.


We originally reached out to your state back in 2013, but we were unable to get a class scheduled.  And, it wasn’t long after that the demand from those 12 states I mentioned earlier took up most of our time. 


We would like to invite you to send some of your people to the upcoming Basic or Advanced Leadership Training Program using Zoom this March 7 - 23, 2023 (see attached flyers).  The Basic will be taught from 9 am - Noon, and the Advanced that afternoon from 1 pm - 4 pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays for three consecutive weeks.  It is our hope that after the training concludes, you will want us to travel to your utility, or to a nearby one, to deliver the training in person.  If that is the training method you would prefer.


How we typically handle the booking of these classes is to let interested organization’s “hold” seats in our program for a while to give them time to check employee and workload schedules until participation can be confirmed.  So, please let us know if you have any questions, or if some of your people could benefit from this important leadership skills program.  We are happy to "hold" seats for you until that decision can be made.  Thank you!




Chuck Christensen

Institute Director

Office: (208) 957-5350 or (801) 281-0107



Eastern Time Zone - (Mornings) Leadership Training Program, March, 2023 - Zoom.pdf Eastern Time Zone - (Mornings) Leadership Training Program, March, 2023 - Zoom.pdf
Eastern Time Zone - (Afternoons) Advanced Leadership Training Program, March, 2023 - Zoom.pdf Eastern Time Zone - (Afternoons) Advanced Leadership Training Program, March, 2023 - Zoom.pdf

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